Your question: What book of the Bible is the chosen based on?

The Chosen
Created by Dallas Jenkins
Based on The life of Jesus Christ

Is the chosen series biblical?

The show’s makers clearly wanted this story to be a cut above your typical Christian passion play. They seem to be gunning for The Chosen almost to be a biblical Breaking Bad. … A show that’s more show than sermon, one that feels strangely taut and engrossing—even for those of us who know its ultimate end.

What denomination is the chosen series?

The Evangelical production began filming Season 2 on the Jerusalem set belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Goshen, Utah. “The Chosen” is the first ever multi-season series about the life of Jesus Christ. KSL TV was given access to the set during the first week of filming.

Is the chosen a Catholic series?

The Chosen is a new television drama based on the life of Jesus Christ, created, directed and co-written by American filmmaker, Dallas Jenkins. The result is what the show’s Catholic consultant, Holy Cross Father David Guffey, described as an Ignatian meditation on the Gospels. …

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How factual is the chosen?

Make no mistake, The Chosen is historical fiction: it uses Scripture as a source by which to imagine what may have happened outside and behind—and, yes, inside—the stories presented to us in the gospels.

Is the chosen series on Netflix?

Where to watch The Chosen: Is it on Netflix? The Chosen is available to stream on VidAngel and through The Chosen app. It is not streaming on Netflix.

Is the chosen heretical?

The Bible is clear that we come to the knowledge of Christ and His Word through Scripture. The Chosen (as I’m sure Dallas Jenkins would agree) is not Scripture. It is not breathed out by the Holy Spirit, it is neither infallible nor inerrant, and the actor portraying Jesus in the show is not Jesus.

What religion is the chosen based on?

The Chosen is a television drama based on the life of Jesus Christ, created, directed and co-written by American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins.

Is the chosen series on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime subscribers may be disappointed to find out that ‘The Chosen’ is not available on the platform. However, they may get to learn more about Christ by watching ‘Life of Jesus. ‘

Is Quintus in the Bible?

Although “Quintus” and Gaius” are not names found within the Gospel accounts, as we analyze their depiction in light of relevant Gospel stories, we’ll see that there is good reason to think that The Chosen is nevertheless adapting Roman figures found within the biblical narratives.

Where can I watch chosen?

Every episode of The Chosen is available to stream for free on the Angel Studios website, the BYUtv website, The Chosen YouTube page, and VidAngel. You can also watch The Chosen for free via The Chosen TV app, which is available on iTunes and Google Play. You can stream The Chosen app on Roku, iOS, Firestick, and more.

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Is the chosen a good show?

The Chosen is one of the most engaging Bible-inspired productions I’ve seen. Surprisingly funny and relatable, we continue watching episode after episode not because we feel obligated to support it as a dutiful Christians, but because it’s compelling.

Who is Dallas Jenkins father?

Jerry B. Jenkins

Can I buy the chosen on DVD?

The Chosen: Season One (DVD)(2021)

Is the chosen app free?

Watch for free in our mobile app (from anywhere in the world)! You can get it here: or search “The Chosen” in your Apple or Android app store. From the app, you can stream to your TV using another device, such as Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, etc.

How much does the chosen app cost?

Top In-App Purchases

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