Why did ponyboy go to church?

Ponyboy is nervous at the church because his last visit to one resulted in his embarrassment, courtesy of his brother’s and is brother’s friends conduct, and because he had a premonition that something bad was going to happen. mwestwood, M.A.

How did ponyboy feel about the church?

Ponyboy tries to stay neutral in his description of the church. … As I said, Ponyboy tries to stay neutral in his description of the church. He talks about how the church is off by itself. He tells the reader that it was small, and he tells the reader that it was covered in spiderwebs.

Why is the church important in the outsiders?

The church serves as a sanctuary for the boys as they attempt to run away from their problems after Johnny kills Bob. While it provides them a moment of rest, Ponyboy has an uneasy feeling about it that foreshadows something significant happening there.

What does the church symbolize in the outsiders?

The church was a safe haven for both Ponyboy and Johnny. It was a hideout for them as they were hiding from the crime that was committed. It was a place that allowed them to be themselves and reflect on their lives. … This is a symbol of the journey that Ponyboy has been on.

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Why did ponyboy and Johnny stop going to church?

Ponyboy states, “my dreams came true and I’m in the country”. … Why did Ponyboy stop going to church? He enjoyed church, but his friends embarrassed him during a sermon by acting like little kids.

What was Bob’s real problem according to Randy?

He tells Ponyboy that Bob’s parents spoiled him rotten and let him get away with everything. According to Randy, Bob’s problem was that his parents never set any boundaries for him or punished him for his misbehavior.

Who kills dally?

1) How does Dally die? The policemen kill Dally. After Johnny dies in the hospital, Dally is so upset, he runs away from Ponyboy and robs a grocery store. The police chase him to the empty lot where the greasers hang out.

Why does Dally carry an unloaded gun?

Why is Dally carrying an unloaded gun? To scare off the socs, the socs are hostile and angry since their friend was killed.

Who died in outsiders?

Three major characters who die in the novel The Outsiders are Bob Sheldon, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Winston.

How did ponyboy lose his innocence?

Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy is the main character in the story. … When Johnny kills Bob, Ponyboy had to go into hiding. Johnny and Ponyboy had to take care of themselves without the help of the older boys in the gang. This required Ponyboy to mature and that’s when he “Lost his innocence.”

What started the church fire in the outsiders?

As they drive past the church where Ponyboy and Johnny have been staying, they see that it is on fire. Ponyboy thinks he and Johnny must have started the fire with a cigarette butt, so the boys jump out of the car to examine the blaze. At the church, they find a group of schoolchildren on a picnic.

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What is the symbol of church?

The Chi Rho is formed by superimposing the first two (capital) letters chi and rho (ΧΡ) of the Greek word “ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ” =Christ in such a way to produce the monogram. Widespread in ancient Christianity, it was the symbol used by the Roman emperor Constantine I as vexillum (named Labarum).

Why does Johnny kill Bob?

Johnny tells Ponyboy that he (Johnny) killed Bob because the Socs were going to drown Ponyboy and beat up Johnny. Desperate and terrified, Ponyboy and Johnny hurry to find Dally Winston, the one person they think might be able to help them.

Why are ponyboy and Johnny such good friends?

Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade are both members of the gang the Greasers. … The relationship between Johnny and Ponyboy in this novel is important because they share a unique bond that no other characters have and they treat each other as if they were brothers.

How is ponyboy living in the country ironic?

This is ultimately ironic because Ponyboy’s fantasy about living in the country always involved him living a more peaceful life; now that he has finally ended up in the country, he is there as a result of extreme disruption and to hide from the police. … Johnny has just killed Bob in order to save Ponyboy’s life.

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