Who is the original singer of take me to church?

Take Me to Church
Songwriter(s) Andrew Hozier-Byrne
Producer(s) Rob Kirwan
Hozier singles chronology
Take Me to Church” (2013) “From Eden” (2014)

Who wrote take me to church?


Is take me to church a LGBT song?

“Take Me to Church” by Hozier Lyrics Meaning. … The songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne is singing against church-fueled “shaming.” Specifically, this song is against homophobia; the music video shows a gay couple being hunted and tortured by mask-wearing men.

When did take me to church come out?


Thus, the immense popularity of Hozier’s song Take Me to Church reflects society’s protest against the dominant and repressive institution of the Catholic Church, and more broadly organizations like the Russian government that promote injustice and discrimination.

What does it mean to take someone to church?

It’s one person asking another to give them a lesson or please them in some way. Any other use is probably just an attempt by young people trying to make the hit songs lyrics mean something.

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Why is take me to church a bad song?

The church is notorious for undermining sexual orientation. In most religions, homosexuality is considered a sin, and this song reflects the truth about the church and their role in society. Aside from its misleading title, this song is opposing the church. The church is notorious for undermining sexual orientation.

What is hozier’s real name?

Andrew Hozier-Byrne

What key is take me to church in?

Take Me To Church is written in the key of E Minor.

What is a church song called?

Liturgical music, also called church music, music written for performance in a religious rite of worship.

What instruments are used in take me to church?

Title: Take Me to Church – Bb Instrument
By: Hozier
Instruments: Bb Instrument, range: D4-C#6 (Clarinet, Trumpet, Soprano Saxophone or Tenor Saxophone)
Scorings: Instrumental Part Instrumental Solo
Original Published Key: F# Minor

Does hozier believe in Jesus?

The huge Dubliner, Andrew Hozier, is now performing in front of large crowds of people. He deals extensively with the teachings of the Catholic Church, precisely because he’s a non-believer. You can also find out in this interview how he keeps up his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

It carried the song to fame. He has a serious social agenda. This video not only put “Church” in a different perspective for people, but it also proved that Hozier is a musician who is vocal about his beliefs and knows he has the power to spark social change.

Why is hozier famous?

Andrew John Hozier-Byrne (born 17 March 1990), known mononymously as Hozier (/ˈhoʊziər/ HOH-zee-ər), is an Irish singer, songwriter, and musician. His music primarily draws from folk, soul, and blues, often using religious and literary themes.

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