Which river did the California Oregon and Mormon Trails generally follow through the Great Plains?

Missionaries, Mormons, and others. The first missionary group to the West left Independence in 1834. Led by Jason Lee, its members joined a party headed by New England merchant Nathaniel Wyeth. They largely followed the Platte River.

Which river did the California Oregon and Mormon Trails follow through the Great Plains?

The Oregon, Mormon Pioneer and California trails all cross Wyoming in the central and most popular corridor of this migration. The trails followed the North Platte and Sweetwater rivers west to South Pass, after which they divided into various routes bound for Oregon, Utah or California.

What river did the Mormon Trail share with the Oregon Trail?

From there the first wave of settlers followed the Platte River west across Nebraska and into Wyoming, at which point the Mormon Trail frequently coincided with the Oregon Trail.

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What river did the California Trail follow?

The California Trail was an emigrant trail of about 1,600 mi (2,600 km) across the western half of the North American continent from Missouri River towns to what is now the state of California.

Where did the California Trail leave the Oregon Trail?

The first overland wagon train to reach California arrived in 1844 by leaving the Oregon Trail after crossing the Raft River in Idaho. From there they followed Nevada’s Humboldt River west to the Sierra Nevada mountains, up the Truckee River and over Donner Pass to Sacramento, California.

Why didn’t most pioneers ride in their wagons?

Most pioneers used the typical farm wagon with a canvas cover stretched over hooped frames. … An emigrant wagon was not comfortable to ride in, since wagons lacked springs and there was little room to sit inside the wagon because most space was taken up with cargo.

What percent of pioneers died on the Oregon Trail?

About five percent of pioneers died on the Oregon-California-Mormon trails.

Who led the Mormon Trail?

On April 5, 1847, an advance company led by Brigham Young set off from Winter Quarters on their trek across the country, (1,040 miles) to a new home in the tops of the Rocky Mountains.

What did Mormon pioneers eat on the trail?

The typical pioneer diet consisted of corn-meal mush, white or navy beans, salt-rising bread, dried fruit (if they had it), and any meat they may get along the trail. Things that packed well like flour or beans were the staples.

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How many Mormons traveled on the Mormon Trail?

Roughly 70,000 Mormons traveled along the Mormon Trail from 1846 to 1869 in order to escape religious persecution.

Was the California Trail dangerous?

Disease. Emigrants feared death from a variety of causes along the trail: lack of food or water; Indian attacks; accidents, or rattlesnake bites were a few. However, the number one killer, by a wide margin, was disease. The most dangerous diseases were those spread by poor sanitary conditions and personal contact.

What were the dangers of the California Trail?

Major threats to pioneer life and limb came from accidents, exhaustion, and disease. Crossing rivers were probably the most dangerous thing pioneers did. Swollen rivers could tip over and drown both people and oxen. Such accidents could cause the loss of life and most or all of valuable supplies.

What was the impact of the California Trail?

According to some statistics, over 70,000 emigrants used the California Trail in 1849 and 1850 alone. In the two decades of the 1840s and 1850s, the California Trail carried over 250,000 gold-seekers and farmers to the state’s goldfields and rich farmlands. It was the greatest mass migration in American history.

What type of people traveled the California Trail?

Some of these travelers included: Fur trappers – these mountain men had been in the hills for years, and some served as guides. Farmers – stories had spread about the fertile land of California. Prospectors – the gold rush had many Americans dreaming of prospecting their fortunes.

Did the Oregon Trail go to California?

This road, also called the Oregon-California Trail, was a 2,000-mile route beginning at Independence, Missouri, and continuing west and north to the Columbia River Valley in Oregon or west then south to the gold fields of California. …

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Why would they travel east along the Oregon California Trail?

Determined to spread Christianity to American Indians on the frontier, doctor and Protestant missionary Marcus Whitman set out on horseback from the Northeast in 1835 to prove that the westward trail to Oregon could be traversed safely and further than ever before.

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