What is the proper name for a christening ceremony?

naming baptism
ceremony rite
baptismal ceremonial
initiation initiatory
ritual sacramental

Is a naming ceremony the same as a christening?

How does a Naming Ceremony differ to a Christening? A Naming Ceremony will most often not be held in a church, and they also have the option to either include or omit religious content. Unlike a Christening, they also are not officiated by a priest or a member of the clergy.

What is another name for naming ceremony?

A religious ceremony for naming a child is a baptism or christening.

What is it called when you baptize a baby?

Infant baptism is the practice of baptising infants or young children. In theological discussions, the practice is sometimes referred to as paedobaptism, or pedobaptism, from the Greek pais meaning “child”. … Infant baptism is also called christening by some faith traditions.

What is a christening ceremony?

The definition of christening is a baptism ceremony in the Christian religion in which a baby is given a Christian name, or giving anything or anyone a name, or using something for the first time.

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What do you do at a naming ceremony?

What is a typical schedule for a naming ceremony?

  • Introductions and welcomes.
  • A reading or poem.
  • Storytelling about the child, such as their arrival into the world, their personality and any quirks or interests.
  • A message about the role and responsibilities of parenting.
  • The parent’s promises to the child.

Can you have godparents at a naming ceremony?

Can you make someone a Godparent without a christening? Absolutely. While a Naming Ceremony is secular in its origin, it is entirely the personal choice of the parents as to whether any religious content, from any faith, is included at any point.

What do you say at a naming ceremony?

May your step be ready and your arm be strong, May your heart be peaceful and your word be true. May you seek to learn, may you learn to live, May you seek to love, and may you love always.

What religion has a naming ceremony?

Naming a child is usually through the baptism ceremony in Christianity, especially Catholic culture, and to a lesser degree among those Protestants who practice infant baptism. In Eastern Orthodoxy infants are traditionally named on the eighth day of life in a special service conducted either in the home or in church.

How do you celebrate a baby naming ceremony?

Appealing Ideas to Celebrate Your Child’s Naming Ceremony

  1. Turn on Some Music. Music sets up the theme, mood, and environment for the occasion. …
  2. Go Green. …
  3. Hire an Event Organizer. …
  4. Snap Your Memories. …
  5. Make Food Awesome. …
  6. Use Different Colored Balloons. …
  7. Give Your Guests Flowers. …
  8. Outfit Matters.
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Do unbaptized infants go to heaven?

While the Catholic Church has a defined doctrine on original sin, it has none on the eternal fate of unbaptized infants, leaving theologians free to propose different theories, which magisterium is free to accept or reject.

What age is best to christen a baby?

Traditionally, it was done asap, but really you can have it done whenever you like. But I would tend to go with younger being better, as at 6 months he/she may not like being handed over to a stranger and is likely to kick up a fuss, whereas smaller babies aren’t usually so bothered.

What is infant baptism in Christianity?

Christians believe that baptism welcomes the child into the Church, and removes from the baby original sin that was brought into the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden . … Christian denominations that practise infant baptism include Anglicans , Roman Catholics , Presbyterians and Orthodox .

Who can christen a baby?

In the Latin Church of the Catholic Church, the ordinary minister of baptism is a bishop, priest, or deacon (canon 861 §1 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law), and in normal circumstances, only the parish priest of the person to be baptized, or someone authorized by the parish priest may do so licitly (canon 530).

Do godparents have to be Catholic?

A godparent is supposed to mentor the child in their faith. … “Because of what godparent strictly means, we only have practising Catholics as godparents, and fellow Christians as ‘special witnesses’,” says Fr Paul Keane, a parish priest in Essex.

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What do you wish for a baby christening?


  • “Warmest wishes on your baptism…and welcome to our community of faith.”
  • “You’re getting baptized—and I’m feeling overjoyed for you!”
  • “Rejoicing with you as you celebrate your baptism. …
  • “May you always remember this day, and may God’s joy, love and peace fill you through all your tomorrows.”


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