What is the dog’s name in the bishop’s wife?

The name of the dog is Queenie.

Where is the bishop’s wife set?

A Samuel Goldwyn film partly shot in Minneapolis, The Bishop’s Wife contains several wonderful sequences. In one scene, Grant convinces Niven’s wife, the radiant Loretta Young, and their crusty old cab driver to go ice-skating at night in the local park.

Did Cary Grant skate in the bishop’s wife?

Cary Grant could ice skate just fine. All but the most difficult moves were filmed by Grant and it is easily seen when a stunt double has taken his place. He was able to don the skates after learning proficiency as a child.

How old was Cary Grant in The Bishops Wife?

Goldwyn promptly borrowed Loretta Young from RKO. The film holds up today thanks both to Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert E. Sherwood’s clever, literate script and the strength of the cast. First and foremost, here is Cary Grant, at 43 in his absolute prime.

Was Bishop’s Wife colorized?

Yes, it has. I saw it on TV a bunch of years ago and it was a colorized version. I recorded it on a VHS tape and we watched it for many years that way.

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How long is the bishop’s wife?

1h 49m

How does the bishop’s wife end?

Mrs. Hamilton tells Henry she’s giving her money to the poor, not the church. He leaves abruptly, goes to the professor and confesses selling the ancient coin he’d given Henry — but the professor has it, from Henry.

What age was Cary Grant when he died?

82 years (1904–1986)

Did Cary Grant marry Irene Dunne?

As Breen’s former secretary Olga Martin wrote in Hollywood’s Movie Commandments, “Divorce, allowed by the law of the land, should be shown to take place only for sound reasons and as a last resort.” When The Awful Truth begins, Jerry (Cary Grant) and Lucy (Irene Dunne) Warriner are still happily married.

Who was Cary Grant’s skating double in the bishop’s wife?

Karolyn Grimes, who plays Debby, played Zuzu in It’s a Wonderful Life, whilst Robert J. Anderson played a young George Bailey. Over Cary Grant’s protests, a skating double wearing a mask with Grant’s features was used in the long shots of the complex skating routine.

Did Cary Grant have any children?

Jennifer Grant

Did Cary Grant do his own stunts?

Cary did most of his own stunts during his film career, thanks to the strength and flexibility he gained as an acrobat when he was young. He sunbathed everyday for thirty minutes to ‘keep that healthy glow’.

How tall is Cary Grant?

6′ 2″

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