What does the Bible say about hearing Gods voice?

What does Bible say about hearing God’s voice?

Let me hear what God the Lord will speak, for he will speak peace to his people, to his saints; but let them not turn back to folly. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”

Why is hearing God’s voice so hard?

We grew up in an era where we had less outside influence in terms of our attention. Life is different now…we have so much more vying for our time and attention – that it diminishes our ability to hear the voice of God.

Why is it important to hear God’s voice?

Hearing God speak is a blessing we receive as his children! This bible verse about hearing God reminds us that the voice of God will give us direction. When he speaks, we will receive an answer to something we have asked, or a request we didn’t even know we needed. When God speaks to us, we will gain clarity.

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Is there a difference between reading the Bible and hearing the voice of God?

I notice four main differences between when I simply read the words in my bible and when I actively listen for his voice during my bible reading: God applies the underlying truth I read to a specific situation in my life. God uses our conversation to give me next steps or a vision for my future.

How do you know it’s God’s voice?

How to Discern God’s Voice From Your Own Voice. The best way to discern God’s voice from your own is to practice stepping out and acting on his voice when you think it’s Him. As you take those steps of faith, He helps you sort out and recognize his voice through a process of learning.

Can God speak to you through your mind?

God can speak to you through your mind, but it comes through your spirit. This is a primary way that God speaks. The ability to tell which thoughts are from God and which thoughts are just from yourself will get easier with experience.

How can we hear God speak to us?

An “oracle” is an “utterance, a spokesman or mouthpiece.” God speaks through preachers and teachers, but He can also speak through our spouse, kids, friends and even enemies. God uses human channels to speak words of prophecy, tongues and interpretation and words of wisdom and knowledge (1 Cor.

What prevents us from hearing God’s voice?

Sin – Pride (I.e. saying, “I don’t really need God.”) will hinder the hearing of God’s voice every time. When we are in sin, whether pride, immorality, unbelief, etc., the only thing we will hear is the conviction of God. But, if we do not deal with our sin, our ears will become more and more deaf to God’s voice.

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What do you do when you feel like God isn’t listening?

What To Do When You Feel God Isn’t Listening

  1. Take a deep breath. Feel the air fill your lungs and be grateful that you are alive. …
  2. Know that this too shall pass. Nothing except Heaven is forever. …
  3. Consult your Bible. Below we’ve listed some Bible verses for when you feel like God isn’t there. …
  4. Pray to God.

What is God voice?

The generic term “voice of God” is commonly used in theatrical productions and staging, and refers to any anonymous, disembodied voice used to deliver general messages to the audience. Examples may include speaker introductions, audience directions and performer substitutions.

Which Angel is the voice of God?

Metatron appears in the movie Dogma as an angel and the voice of God, played by Alan Rickman. Metatron appears in the TV series Supernatural as the scribe of God (a.k.a.

Who voiced God’s voice?

If there’s a list of the most famous voices in the world, one man would surely top it – Morgan Freeman. Once you hear Morgan Freeman voice overs, you wouldn’t even need to see his name on the credits to recognize his unmistakable voice.

How do we listen to God?

Here are 6 tips for quieting your mind so you can listen to God:

  1. Place yourself in an environment that helps you concentrate. …
  2. Talk to God about what you’re reading in the Bible when you pray. …
  3. Don’t fight distracting thoughts by trying to avoid them altogether. …
  4. Choose a short phrase or sentence from the Bible.
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