What do Divers mean in the Bible?

Divers diseases can mean: In the King James translation of the Bible, and similar older literature, “various diseases”; compare “diverse”

What do Divers mean?

Divers(adj) several; sundry; various; more than one, but not a great number; as, divers philosophers.

What does divers mean in divers temptations?

Divers – Different; unequal; various. Divers – Some ones; certain ones.

Who are called divers?

(daɪvəʳ ) Word forms: plural divers. countable noun. A diver is a person who swims under water using special breathing equipment.

What is the difference between divers and diverse?

As adjectives the difference between divers and diverse

is that divers is , in the sense of various or assorted while diverse is consisting of many different elements; various.

What is the definition of divers manners?

Divers manners – Πολυτροπως, from πολυς, many, and τροπος, a manner, turn, or form of speech; hence trope, a figure in rhetoric.

What do divers do?

Commercial divers work on installations that cannot be removed from the water for servicing, such as oil rigs, bridges, and pipelines. … Divers may also perform other underwater work such as photographing marine wildlife or rigging explosives. They often work long days and typically spend weeks at sea on a job.

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What are divers diseases?

Decompression sickness (DCS), also known as divers’ disease or barotrauma, is a medical issue that arises from the effects of a sudden transition from high to low pressure. … The main cause of DCS is nitrogen because at a certain pressure nitrogen can only be accumulated up to a certain level.

What does the Bible say about joy?

The Holy Bible says, “The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh. 8:10). The Bible says God gives us joy and peace. It tells us that real joy comes from God and is ours forever.

What is pure joy?

noun. the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation: She felt the joy of seeing her son’s success. a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated: Her prose style is a pure joy.

What is another word for divers?

What is another word for diver?

swimmer snorkeler
aquanaut frogman
deep-sea diver scuba diver
bather paddler

What does divers mean in science?

Divers. 1. Different in kind or species; diverse.

What makes scuba diving dangerous?

Like nitrogen, the body absorbs extra oxygen under increased underwater pressure as well. For most divers this is not a problem, but at extreme depths so much extra oxygen is absorbed that this life-giving gas becomes toxic. The effects include tunnel vision, nausea, twitching, loss of consciousness and seizures.

How do you use the word diverse?

Diverse in a Sentence

  1. The restaurant has a diverse menu that includes entrees from all over the world. …
  2. In our culturally diverse neighborhood, people of many races live together in peace. …
  3. Our diverse student body includes individuals from over seventy countries.
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What is the meaning of drivers?

A driver, or device driver, is a software program that enables a specific hardware device to work with a computer’s operating system. Drivers may be required for internal components, such as video cards and optical media drives, as well as external peripherals, such as printers and monitors.

What’s a vice?

A vice is a moral failing or a bad habit. Traditional examples of vice include drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, and gambling in card games. … But anything can be a vice, as long as there’s someone out there who views it as bad behavior or a moral weakness.

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