How many hours would it take to read the Book of Mormon?

By Joseph Smith Jr. The average reader, reading at a speed of 300 WPM, would take 12 hours and 44 minutes to read The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ by Joseph Smith Jr..

How many hours is the Book of Mormon?

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How long does it take to read the Book of Mormon one chapter a day?

239 chapters and practically that many pages. So reading one chapter/page a day it would take you around 239 days. That’s about 7.8 months.

What reading level is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon For Kids is a fun way for children to enjoy the stories of the Book of Mormon. Reading level four is targeted at children in 5th and 6th grade.

How many pages does the Book of Mormon have?

The Book of Mormon contains the following: 531 pages. 239 chapters. 26 hours and 29 minutes.

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What religion is most similar to Mormonism?

While Mormonism and Islam certainly have many similarities, there are also significant, fundamental differences between the two religions. Mormon–Muslim relations have historically been cordial; recent years have seen increasing dialogue between adherents of the two faiths, and cooperation in charitable endeavors.

Do Mormons read the Bible?

Mormons use the Book of Mormon alongside the Bible in teaching and study. … Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon, unlike the Bible, was translated correctly and is the unaltered word of God.

How long does it take to read the Bible?

So, over the course of 40,000 hours, a person can read on average, about 240,000,000 words. Depending on your preferred translation, the Bible has on average about 750,000 words. So, over the course of 40,000 hours, the average person should be able to finish the Bible 320 times.

How many words are in the Book of Mormon?

Book of Mormon Word Count

Title Word Count Year Published
Book of Mormon 273,725 1830
Book of Mormon (minus Bible quotes) 258,198 1830
Brisingr 254,000 2008
Eldest 213,000 2005

How many chapters does BOM have?

There are a total of 239 chapters in the Book of Mormon, but the Book of Mormon is more accurately divided into named books like we find in the Hebrew…

How long does it take to read the pearl of great price?

The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price. The average reader will spend 21 hours and 50 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

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How many verses are in a D&C?

Doctrine and Covenants
Language English language
Period 1835–1978 LDS/2016 CoC
Chapters 138 LDS/165 CoC
Verses Many thousands
Protestant community