Best answer: What is the best covenant for disc priest?

What is the best covenant for disc priest Shadowlands?

Best Covenants for Discipline Priest

Best Raid Covenants
Covenants Rating Best Soulbind
Kyrian Good Pelagos
Necrolord Decent Emeni
Night Fae Poor Dreamweaver

Which legendary IS BEST FOR disc priest?

Best Legendaries for Discipline Priest

Focus Legendary Source
Mythic+ (Uncoordinated Groups / PuGs) The Penitent One Torghast (The Soulforges, Layer 3+)
Mythic+ (Coordinated Groups) Twins of the Sun Priestess Castle Nathria (Stone Legion Generals)
Torghast Stable Phantasma Lure Torghast (Layer 6+)

What is the shadow priest covenant?

Summary of the Best Covenants, Soulbinds, and Conduits

Focus Covenant Advised Tree
Raiding Night Fae Shadow Priest Niya Raiding tree
Mythic+ Night Fae Shadow Priest Niya Mythic+ tree
Torghast Night Fae Shadow Priest Korayn Torghast tree

How good is disc priest in Shadowlands?

Disc Priest Shadowlands changes

It has a high mana cost, with a decent damage event and an absorb effect. Spirit Shell- New level 50 talent. Very potent ability currently and will be covered in depth later on. … The Discipline priest playstyle in raid is overall very similar to how it was played in BFA.

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Is kyrian good for disc priest?

Kyrian Priest Signature Ability: Summon Steward

It’s an excellent tool in dungeons where you are bouncing in between combat (resetting its cooldown) and frequently face certain debuffs that you cannot dispel as a Priest like Curses, Bleeds and Poisons.

What covenant is good for priest?

Best Covenants for Holy Priest

Best Raid Covenants
Covenants Rating Best Soulbind
Kyrian Good Pelagos
Necrolord Great Emeni
Night Fae Great Niya

Is Night Fae good for disc priest?

Faeries main ability gives you some support tools for a very short time, being one of them a Cooldown Reduction of 150%, and that’s the main reason why Moadmoad is testing Night Fae. However, Night Fae has no synergy with atonement healing. That means a NF Disc Priest is useless in raids.

Where can I buy disc priest Legendaries?

Quick Glance Legendary Recommendations

Placement Legendary Drop Location
1 Twins of the Sun Priestess Castle Nathria – Stone Legion Generals
2 The Penitent One Torghast – The Soulforges
3 Kiss of Death Torghast – Mort’regar
4 Crystalline Reflection Plaguefall

How do you use the boon of the Ascended disc priest?

To use Boon in one of your ramps, utilize the following cast sequence:

  1. Boon of the Ascended.
  2. Ascended Blast.
  3. Schism.
  4. Ascended Nova.
  5. Ascended Nova.
  6. Ascended Blast.
  7. Repeat Nova/Nova/Blast until the spell ends.


Is kyrian good for shadow priest?

Kyrian Covenant & Best Soulbinds for Shadow Priest Guide – Shadowlands 9.0. 5. Allegiance to the Kyrian Covenant for Shadow Priest provides you with many benefits, two new active abilities, access to three soulbinds; these soulbinds, and much more.

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What Covenant is best for Shadow Priest PvP?

Best Covenant for Shadow Priests in PvP

  • Venthyr is the best Covenant option. This gives you more mobility and a strong offensive cooldown, Mindgames. …
  • Kyrian is another good Covenant you can choose. This gives you a strong 3-minute cooldown, Boon of the Ascended, and a very powerful defensive, Phial of Serenity.

What’s the best legendary for shadow priest?

Best Overall Legendary for Shadow Priest

Talbadar’s Stratagem is the best play.

Can you DPS as disc priest?

Introduction to DPS as a Discipline Priest

Atonement for a single-target hit regardless of how many targets you are AoEing, so utilizing Mind Sear over Smite is done strictly for DPS purposes due to the small healing output difference between the two spells.

Which is better disc or holy priest healing?

Holy priest is a lot easier and a lot more straightforward. Disc is significantly better for 5 man content for a multitude of reasons (Holy is much more indexed toward AoE healing, has no real defensive external, and does less damage).

Why is disc priest good?

Discipline Priests provide very significant, on-demand AoE burst healing on a very short cooldown. Balancing healing and dealing damage can be difficult to master at first but through research and practice, Discipline can be one of the more rewarding specialisations to play.

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