Best answer: What injuries did Johnny sustain at the church?

What injuries did Johnny sustain at the church? After the church incident Johnny was diagnosed that he was in critical condition with third degree burns, broken back, and a bunch of pain.

What were Johnny’s injuries in the outsiders?

Johnny receives severe third degree burns on much of his body. His back is broken and the doctors inform Darry and Ponyboy that Johnny will most likely be paralyzed if he survives his injuries. While Ponyboy and Dallas soon recover from their injuries, Johnny seems to get worse as the days pass.

What injuries do each of the boys Pony Dally and Johnny suffer as a result of the fire?

What happened to Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally because of the fire? Johnny was burned badly and his back was broken. Dally burned him arm.

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What injuries did ponyboy sustain at the church?

He awoke in the ambulance, suffering from smoke inhalation and shock. Pony was later treated for “a few burns and a big bruise across my back,” and he fell asleep in the car ride home; Darry carried him inside.

What injuries does Dally suffer as a result of the fire?

Dally was fine, but he burned him arm pretty badly. JOhnny had many things, a piece of timber hit him and might have broken his back and also he was pretty burned badly.

Did Johnny know he was going to die?

Overall, Johnny understands that his condition is fatal. … In “The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton, there are several details that lead the reader to assume that Johnny did know that he was going to die. One example is when Johnny says that he is too young to die. He says that there are too many things he hasn’t done yet.

Why did Johnny not see his mother?

Hover for more information. Johnny refuses to see his mother when he is in the hospital because he feels that she does not care about him. Johnny Cade came from a troubled home where he suffered abuse at the hands of his father and was neglected by his mother.

Which body part did dally badly burn?

He assumes that he is in a police car until Jerry Wood (who accompanies him) tells him that they are in an ambulance, and Johnny and Dally are in the ambulance behind them. Dally has a badly burned arm, but Johnny is in far worse condition, with a possible broken back and bad burns.

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Did Dally die a hero?

Dally didn’t die a hero. He died violent and young and desperate, just like we all knew he’d die someday.

Does ponyboy die?

Bob Sheldon and his goons attacked Ponyboy and Johnny one night, and Bob nearly drowned Ponyboy. The only reason Ponyboy survived the encounter was because Johnny killed Bob to protect his fellow Greaser.

What did Johnny request while at the hospital?

What two things does Johnny ask Two-Bit and Ponyboy for when he is in the hospital? Johnny asks them for the hair grease and the book – Gone with the Wind. … Johnny told Ponyboy that he was scared stiff and he didn’t want t to die.

Who does Johnny’s mother blame for everything wrong in Johnny’s life?

At the hospital, Johnny’s mother starts shouting at Ponyboy and blaming the greasers for everything that happened. Who pulls Pony out of the room? Q. What does Ponyboy ask Two-Bit to promise?

Who does Johnny refuse to see when they show up at the hospital?

Johnny’s mother shows up to visit him, but Johnny refuses to see her: “Tell her to leave me alone. For once.” He passes out after this incident, and it is evident that he is experiencing a great deal of pain. Pony and Two-Bit also visit Dally, who is still in the hospital.

Why did dally wanna die?

Dally felt his purpose in life was to protect Johnny. When he couldn’t do this, the guilt came rushing to him, even if Johnny dying wasn’t Dally’s fault. He thought he had no purprose anymore and made the spare-of-the-moment decision to kill himself at the hands of another.

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How did dally die?

The police chase him to the empty lot where the greasers hang out. There, Dally takes out his unloaded gun and threatens the police, who shoot him in self-defense. Dally dies with a “look of grim triumph on his face,” and Ponyboy realizes that Dally “wanted to be dead and he always got what he wanted.”

What is the difference between Dally and Johnny’s death?

What is the difference between Dally and Johnny’s death? There is no difference they were both greasers meaning it does not matter. Johnny died a hero and Dally died a hoodlum.

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